Frequently Asked Questions


How long have you been in business?

Hargrave & Hargrave, Inc. has been performing foundation repair since 1968.

How long has your system been in use?

The CHANCE Helical System is based on technology that was first developed in the 1830′s. Patented in 1907, it has been in use for compression and tension loads ever since.

Can the bearing capacity of the pier be measured at the time of installation?

Yes. Each pier’s bearing capacity is measured during installation, by monitoring the torque required to advance the pier.

Is the system installed independently of the structure?

Yes. The piers are installed to the proper torque before being attached to the building.

What is the average time required to complete a job?

Most jobs are completed in one working day.

How much yard and landscaping damage is done?

Very little equipment is used, so the yard has little or no damage. Landscaping damage is determined by size and type of shrubbery but shrubs usually do not have to be removed.